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Texas Retraining Group, Incorporated (TRG, Inc.) was founded on May 14th, 1997 in the State of Texas. TRG’s core business is training, consulting and market research in the areas of strategic planning and application of international standards for human resources management. The Company also has deep expertise in designing and implementing into practice comprehensive risk management strategies, including commodities price, foreign exchange and interest rate risks.


Since 1997, TRG, Inc. has focused on providing short-term professional education and qualification upgrading for Oil and Gas industry personnel. In our experience, “Modern approaches to the HR management in compliance with international standards”, “Strategic management and HR”, “Personnel selection and staffing” are the most demanded professional development topics the top and middle lines management.


One TRG, Inc.’s first successful projects was an arrangement of on-site internships for a team of Oil and Gas industry mangers at Arco, Exxon, and 7-Eleven companies in their Dallas headquarters.

For five years, TRG, Inc. took part in the joint project with an association of scientific groups of chemists-synthetics from Russia and countries of former Soviet Union. TRG, Inc. was responsible for market research, marketing and communication with potential clients from Europe, Japan, and United States of America.


TRG, Inc. also provides consulting and mentoring for future U.S. universities’ international students, assisting with resume and Curriculum Vitae writing and cultural interpretation.


One of TRG, Inc’s unique projects was advising the University of North Texas theatrical group on staging Chekhov’s play “Uncle Vanya”.


In the recent years, our Company has been focused on the activities for real sectors of the economy in the area of market risks management. Our specialists are able to design customized strategies for hedging a variety of risks and guide the practical implementation of those strategies on international markets for financial instruments. Commodities price, foreign exchange, and interest rate risks management helps companies to shelter business income, meet investment programs budgets, and raise market capitalization in the unstable commodity price and interest rate environments.


Our Know–How solutions efficiently enhance our clients’ internal risk-management systems in order to improve cost-effectiveness and guarantee planned financial indicators for export-import operations.















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